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HR Advisory Services
These are areas, where you can tell us what to do…and we take care of rest……
Organizational Strategy
A strategic approach to Human Resources has four key characteristics:

    Alignment with the Organization’s Overall Strategic Plan
   Organizational Design and Effectiveness
    Workforce Planning
    Change Management

Aligning Human Resources with the Organization’s Strategic Plan is most effective when considered at the time an organization develops its strategies, rather than after the fact. A human resource strategy can be aligned in either case. We help you during the organization’s planning process, which will be strengthened through our discussions of how human resource issues can support a particular organizational strategy.

Our Services in Organizational Design and Effectiveness matches the requirement of your organization as closely as possible through:

    An organization structure
    Administrative systems
    Supportive information and technological processes
    Consideration of and attention to organizational culture

Further we also help you in Workforce Planning by identifing the size and skills of the workforce required to meet organizational needs.
While in Change Management help you to we focus on an intentional process of planning and supporting the organization, and the people within it, through a period of transition to achieve lasting organizational change.
The diagram below describes the relationship of strategic human resources and Human Resources Management to organizational strategy.
Succession Planning
Succession Planning is a process by your organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company.

Succession planning is not just about promotion paths to the top. It's about getting the right person in place for every job. If anorganization plans to double in size in three years, they will need more talented people and must plan accordingly.

We help your succession planning by:

    Assessing, if you have the right skills mix to achieve company goals – and determine what gaps exist that must be closed.
    Identifying, talented employees and provide education to develop them for future higher level and broader responsibilities
    Identifying, which employees are at risk of leaving.
    Retaining, superior employees
    Building, “bench strength."
    Determining, where people belong on the bus.
    Determining, if they should be on your bus - or someone else’s.

Change Management

Managing change is the most important aspect of any effort to improve organizational performance. We view change management as a deliberate process that starts with an understanding of the need for dealing with change, as well as the motivation for causing positive change. Once we help you accomplish this step, we can then move on to helping you develop internal and external support for your vision, manage the transition, and sustain the momentum.
Compensation Survey, Compensation Design & Rewards :

The compensation consulting services we offer are broad and range from the development of an entire compensation program for a company to the design of compensation plans for individual job positions such as CEO. Our firm has extensive human resource and compensation consulting experience in providing the following types of compensation consulting services to clients:

    Compensation surveys including those of CEO, CFO and executive management levels
    Job evaluation, organizational planning, grading studies and pay& rewards administration programs
    Market pricing studies, compensation surveys, salary surveys, and salary compensation comparison projects
    Complete operational motivational incentive compensation plans
    Long-term incentive and stock-related compensation plans
    Performance appraisal systems including job descriptions

Basic Services Provided :

    Development of job evaluation and salary administration programs
    Design of incentive compensation plans, including management incentive plans, sales incentive plans and productivity improvement plans.
    Design and conduct of compensation surveys to identify competitive market rates for positions.
    Review and evaluation of current compensation programs and practices for a particular organization, with recommendations for improvement.
    Assessment of the competitiveness of client compensation practices.
    Development of performance appraisal programs, especially in conjunction with improved pay administration plans.

HR Outsourcing

Our complete HR Outsourcing Services reduce costs and free up time for your employees.

By partnering with us to handle your payroll and human resources administration, you can leverage the streamlined efficiencies and the buying power of our large organization, creating significant savings in both time and costs.

Customized HR Services

We can develop customized HR outsourcing services for you based on the type of workforce you have and the specific needs of your business. You deserve a partner that can provide you with the freedom to focus on growing your business every day.

Our Services include:

    Human Resources – HR forms setup and compliance, employee orientations and new hire paperwork, employee files, employee handbooks and job descriptions, termination services, severance assistance, and more.
    Payroll Services – Payroll processing, tax payments and government compliance, and more.
    Employee Benefits – Benefits administration and invoice reconciliation and more.
    Workers’ Compensation – Workers Comp policy setup and safety programs, OSHA compliance and advice and more.
    HR Training – Management training, safety training, conflict resolution, strategy sessions for growth and more.
    Timekeeping Solutions – Time & attendance products and administration, online access to data.

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